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  Keva Jewelers was established 1989 by Kevin in a detached garage behind his parent’s house located in  Hamilton, Ohio.  At that time Kevin completed a jeweler apprenticeship under the instruction of a master jeweler during which he honed his skills and developed techniques. 

    Over the next three years Kevin carved out his niche in the jewelry trade market industry and as a result of his growing business moved to a small  location on Berk Blvd. in Hamilton, Ohio.  While at the Berk Blvd. location Kevin was primarily providing  jewelry repair for other retail jewelers, as well as designing custom jewelry and making jewelry repairs for his own developing client base.  Through word-of-mouth of his high quality unique designs his clientele rapidly increased and Keva required a larger space to meet customer needs. 

    In response to the expanding business, Keva Jewelers opened its first retail store front in an office building on Hicks Blvd. in Fairfield, Ohio in 1992.  This 600 square foot location was the ideal space to offer more of a retail option for the expanding Keva clientele.  Moreover, this location provided the opportunity for Kevin to showcase, in greater volume, his quality custom designed  jewelry.  Thirteen years later, as a result of the greater exposure to the exquisite custom design jewelry offered by Keva Jewelers, the business required additional space to accommodate the needs of both its new and repeat customers. 

    In  2005 Keva Jewelers  moved into a brand new 2000 square foot space at Jungle Jim's complex on Route 4 in Fairfield, Ohio.  This location provides a much larger showroom and the necessary space for state of the art  jewelry design equipment. 

    The current Route 4 location continues to be an incredible blessing.    Keva Jewelers is able to offer high quality, one-of-a-kind,  advanced custom design jewelry, a wide selection of retail jewelry and watches and jewelry and watch repair services.  

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